Your Offer

Whatever you’re selling, your offer to the customer needs to be presented in a such a way that people understand the benefits to them.

Your Marketing Offer


There are several elements to every offer and it’s important to get all of them right:  But first…..


If you want more of your customers to buy, it’s important to frame your product, price and any service you might offer in a way that the customer can relate.  Generally, that will be:

* How your product solves a problem they have

* How your product will prevent something bad from happening

* How good your product will make them feel

Once you have a clear plan on framing your offer, the words must be crafted carefully, so the potential customer is taken through the steps in a way which leads them to the logical conclusion that your product is the one they want and need.

Sales pitches within store, sales presentations, in fact at any point where you are in front of a customer should be planned and structured – not left to chance.  Of course, as with all marketing, every sales pitch should be tested, improved and tested some more.

What’s more, every business should be trying out whether to bundle goods and services, how to up sell and cross sell in ways designed to increase customer overall satisfaction and ultimately their spend.

Above all, your offer must be simple to understand.

So, in brief, here are the component parts of a great marketing offer:

  • Framing – what the product does
  • The benefits to the customer
  • Your offer – simple to understand but with alternatives
  • Clear instructions as to what you want your customer to do next
  • Your next steps – whether they bought or not

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