Thank You For Buying A Market Discovery Report For Your Business

Hi. Thank you for buying a Market Discovery Report for your business.

My name is Gayle Norbury and I wanted to let you know what happens next and how we’re going to work together to produce a map of:

  • where you are now,
  • where you want to be in 12 months time
  • the best opportunities available to you
  • and most importantly, recommendations for how you’re going to get there.

That will be your Market Discovery Report.   Depending on your business, it will be around 20 pages which will be absolutely related to your business and the answers to the questions above.

Your Market Discovery Report will include:

  • an estimate of the people searching for your product on Google and on Amazon
  • the keywords that people are actually using to search for your product or service
  • advice on whether Google Search, Google Display, Google Shopping, YouTube and/or Facebook or something else would be right for your business
  • the two essential things you’ll need to have in place on your website before you start spending money with Google or Facebook
  • a summary of how to set up your Google and Facebook accounts so that your advertising will work better and cost you less
  • recommendations on which of marketing activity would be right for your business to start with (based on your budget and your time) and the order in which you should introduce the others
  • guiding your visitors through your website towards a purchase
  • recommendations on how to continue a conversation with visitors who leave your site without buying
  • how to identify and target your most profitable customers
  • what you need to do around your product/service  to be competitive

So, what do we need to do next?

  1. Download the questionnaire by clicking the button below
  2. Email me with Market Discovery Report in the subject line letting me have some dates when we could meet up

Firstly I’d like you to download the questionnaire we’re going to work through to help me understand your business.  The answers to these questions will help us determine where you are now and where you’d like to be in 12 months and 5 years time.  It’s quite long but then it has to be to allow me to do a meaningful report for you.

Now, depending on distance and availability,  I could either come to you to fill in the questionnaire, we could Skype or you could have a go at filling it in and then we’ll either get together on Skype or meet up to hammer out any answers that you’ve found more tricky to answer.

So, download your questionnaire now and then send me an email with Market Discovery Report in the subject line giving me some times when you would be available for a meeting.  My email address is

I am really looking forward to working with you.

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