Terms & Conditions

Purchases from this site


If your purchase is an e-course, it will be delivered digitally, on this website.  We encourage you to download any videos and workbooks that were made available as part of your purchase although you may also watch on-line.

Market Discovery Report

Your report will be delivered within 6 weeks of completion and return to us of the questionnaire made available at the time of purchase unless we agree other timescales with you.  Any changes required by us or you will be confirmed by us by email.

We reserve the right to refund monies paid from companies for whom we do not believe we can offer a full and proper service. Such companies would include companies offering illegal services.


Your order

An e-mail instruction and/or purchase order will be taken as a firm contract agreeing the following terms.


The quotation price is based on the extent of supply described in the Proposal and/or subsequent meeting reports or correspondance. While Imstra Ltd will make reasonable efforts to accommodate requirement changes, we reserve the right to advise the client of any price increases that arise due to requested changes to the work required.

For ongoing consultancy, the work required and the price we will charge will be agreed in meetings or by phone or email and will be confirmed by us by email.

The quotation price is valid for 2 months from the date of quotation.

 Meetings and Reports

For one off projects, the quotation includes one briefing meeting and one de-brief meeting, unless otherwise indicated. Further visits can be provided for at our daily rate plus travel rates of 40 pence per mile.

Imstra Ltd will provide two copies of any reports included as part of the quotation as standard. A separate quotation will be provided should further copies be required.

 Telephone Costs

All calls to you, the client, are included in the quotation. Calls made on your behalf to 3rd parties will be charged at 18 pence per minute, excluding VAT.


The price quoted excludes photography costs, briefing and attending photography shoots. The price quoted will include choosing suitable images from any supplied by the client or advising on the need for extra photography.  If images are purchased on behalf of a client, they will be charged at cost and itemised in the next or final invoice.


If the contract is a fixed price piece of work, unless otherwise agreed, the following terms apply:

  • An initial payment of 33.33% of the total price on commencement of contract. This to be forwarded with official order paperwork.
  • An interim payment of 33.33% at the agreed mid point date of the project.
  • A final payment of the balance upon presentation of final report and / or debriefing meeting.

Otherwise, work will be billed on a monthly basis, or as agreed.


Delivery timescales are subject to confirmation at time of order placement. Whilst Imstra make every effort to meet agreed timescales, the quoted timescales are not contractually binding unless specifically stated. Imstra Ltd shall not be liable for any loss, damage whatsoever, whether direct, indirect or consequential that arises because of delayed whole or part delivery.

Where requests for changes are requested, the client should be aware that they may delay agreed timescales.  We will advise you if changes in timescales will cause other delays or increased costs.

Any changes to the original Proposal will be discussed and then documented by email by Imstra Ltd.  The Client will respond by email if the required changes are incorrectly documented. The Client is responsible for ensuring Imstra Ltd understand any changes required.

If Imstra Ltd deem that changes are required to the Proposal after work has started, Imstra Ltd will contact the Client by phone and agree such changes and will then document the conversation by email, prior to making any deviations from the Proposal.

Some work may be completed by Third Parties. The contract with the Third Party will be with Imstra Ltd and Imstra Ltd will be responsible for ensuring the quality of the work is to the standard agreed by the Client in the Proposal.


Payment Terms

Invoices are payable 14 days from the date of invoice with the exception of the initial payment where work will be undertaken once funds are cleared. Overdue payments may result in interest being charged at 3% over current Barclay’s interest rates to be calculated on a daily basis. Delayed payments may result in a withdrawal of services.


All information and wording remains the property of Imstra Ltd until full payment has been received.


We reserve the right to add customers to the client list in Imstra Ltd sales material, including website.

If a print order is required as part of the Proposal, Imstra ltd will not allow printing to go ahead without you,our Client signing off the final print proof.


Imstra Ltd shall not be liable for any direct, indirect or consequential loss (including loss of profit) arising out of any action / advice by Imstra Ltd or other work implemented by the client or otherwise arising out of the operation of the work provided by Imstra Ltd.

This site is designed to be for information only. Please do not assume that because we have stated that we have helped other companies to increase revenues, find more customers and/or increase profits that we can do the same for you or your company.  Each business is different and we can make no guarantees that we will be able do the same for your company.

These Terms and Conditions are governed by and interpreted in accordance with the English Law and the jurisdiction of the English Courts shall apply.

If any of these terms are found to be unenforceable or invalid, it will not affect any other clause, all of which remail in full force and effect.

All examples given in e-courses, reports, videos and all other material available from this website are just that – examples, and are not an indication of the results you might achieve for or in your business. The information provided is for informational purposes and is not a complete statement or summary of the opportunities available in the marketplace or for your business. Your success depends on many factors including how you use the information provided in the courses and products offered on this website. We offer no guarantee that the information given in any product is complete.  The market place and opportunities change rapidly and while we do our utmost to remain up to date, it is impossible to be aware of all the changes taking place by 3rd parties such as Google and Facebook.

Changes to Terms and Conditions

We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions whenever we deem necessary.  Changes will come into force as soon as they are posted onto the website.  We advise you to visit this page when you visit our website to ensure you agree with the terms and conditions.

Order Confirmation

When you place a product order, we will send you an acknowledgement to the email address you have supplied and will send you further emails to confirm acceptance of your order and provide despatch information.

We may cancel the sale and not supply product if we have reason to suspect your order is fraudulent.

When you place an order for services, we will send you an acknowledgement to the email address you supplied with details of the planned work.

Statutory Rights

Nothing in these terms affects your statutory rights.