Many businesses seem to think that referrals happen by accident.  Of course, sometimes, they do and it’s wonderful when it happens. But to build a long term, profitable business, a robust referral system is highly advisable.

Referrals - finding more customers
Many professionals have significantly increased their businesses simply by implementing a great referrals system.  And you could too.


The great thing about creating your own business system for your current customers to refer their friends is that you need only ask your best customers to refer.  On the basis that friends are likely to have similar qualities, you can start to build a new customer base with the same qualities as your favourite (high spending, low maintenance) customers.

Asking current customers for referrals has the added bonus of generally costing less to find new customers than many other types of marketing, not least, because they are already pre-sold on your product or service.  Overall, it can be a very good return on effort.

There are many ways to set up a referral system.  Possibly the easiest is to work up a form of words with your sales team and then just ask. Why not try it out and see what works?

On the other hand, if you would like some support in setting up a more detailed referral system, why not contact us, we’d love to help and we have some great ideas.


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