Public Relations

It’s amazing- the upturn in business that can be achieved after a successful public relations campaign. Despite the internet, people still read magazines, the national and local papers and listen to the radio – so public relations (PR) should still be a central part of your Marketing Plan.
Public Relations, PR
The way to use PR is to plan ahead.  If you have a monthly plan which incorporates your key sales times during the year and you stick to it, your campaign is more likely to achieve good results.

Understanding your target audience and how their lives might be improved by your product or service is one aspect of getting a story published.  Others might include:

  • A member of staff doing or achieving something unusual
  • Something worrying that might happen if your product/service is not used
  • Case studies on how someone used your product and their lives changed (for the better!)

One of the things to remember when planning a PR campaign is to make the story as powerful and publishable as possible by focussing, not on your business, but on how someone’s life has been affected.

How To Get Published

Photos, quotations from relevant people and relevance to the audience who are likely to read it are all important.

But probably the most important aspect of PR – is to actually do it.  You’d be surprised at what you might achieve once you start.

Many local publications like the appearance of a personal touch so when we send out press releases, we make sure we’ve developed a relationship with your local press.  That way, they are more likely to print your story.

Digital PR

Once off-line PR is mastered, there are many ways to use PR to get your message seen on-line too.  Getting to journalists, bloggers and publishers with your content is a complex business, especially when on-line PR includes video, audio, images and info-graphics.

To get the best results with digital press releases, they need to be nationally syndicated and optimised for social sharing and for search engines.

In short, Digital PR requires considerable expertise in the actual getting it out there. So what we do is help you find and create your own stories and then we use a company with the expertise in getting your message out to the world.

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