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Market Discovery Report

How would it be if you had someone to guide you through your business goals for the coming year and come up with a plan for your business with the time you have available taken into account?

Commissioning a Market Discovery Report for your business will allow you to see what is possible for your business and will leave you knowing what needs to be done and why.

In your Market Discovery Report, I take a personal, detailed, in-depth look into your business and provide my recommendations on how to grow your customer Market discovery report front page pic copybase and sales over the next 12 months.

In this report you will receive my very best advice, based on where your business actually is right now.

It will include what you need to do before you start advertising on Google and Facebook as well as recommendations on the best ways to advertise your business

It’s not a quotation based on suppositions and it’s not a generic document with your name on it; it is a real action plan for your business which will provide the direction and actions to take to move your business where you want it to be.

In your report you’ll get an estimate of market size, the keywords that trigger the interest of your market plus…..more


SuperCharge Your (Classified) Advertising Course

Do you want to get more customers from your advertising? Of course you do!

If you advertise in the local press or send out flyers and you want better results, you need this course!

In this on-line video course you’ll learn how to create adverts that stand out from the crowd, attract Module 1 thumbnail copythe attention of your target market and get potential customers to contact your business rather than your competitors.

This advertising video course is for business owners who mainly advertise in the classified section in the local press or trade magazines and are wondering whether they are really getting value for money and how they could get more customers from the money they’re spending.

When you’ve finished this 7 module video course, you’ll know how to structure your ad, how to develop a headline, the 5 essential elements that should be in every ad – and how to include...more


Running Your Digital Advertising Campaign

When you’re running a business, your main job (other than providing your existing customers with a value for money product or service) is to find more customers and get existing customers to buy more from you.

Instead of spending your valuable time running your Google account, advertising on Facebook, emailing your customer list and creating prospect lists and more, why not outsource that work to us?

It will allow you to concentrate on doing the fun bits – the reason you started your business in the first place.

I specialise in Google and Facebook paid advertising.  But with that comes the other aspects of marketing which guide your Google and Facebook visitors back into your website and through your buying process.

Let me worry about whether you’re on the right side of Google – while you get on fulfilling your orders and dealing with your staff and customers.

To get started, I suggest you purchase a Market Discovery Report for your business.  Once we both know the challenges you face, I can give you a realistic view on how much it will cost per month

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