Multi Channel Marketing

How many ways can your customers and potential customers find and buy your product?  Do you have one channel or do you have a multi channel marketing system in place? For many businesses it could be:

  • Multi-Channel MarketingPress Advertising
  • Premises / Window Display
  • Flyers
  • A Boards
  • Your website

Some businesses use just one or two of these methods or channels to tell people about their business and why someone should buy from them.  After all, whichever channel they’re using must be working – and it’s daft to change something that works, right?

We’d totally agree with that.  But we would also ask you,

“Did you know that the more ways your customers and perhaps more importantly, potential customers can find you, through a multi channel system, the more likely they are to buy?”

An even more important point is that you may find better quality customers, who spend more and more frequently by using a different sales channel.  Those customers could be yours!

The many different sales channels you could be using include:

  • Affiliate Schemes
  • Amazon
  • Joint Ventures
  • Direct Response Mail or Email
  • Digital Magazines
  • You Tube ads
  • Video
  • And many more…

So, we’re definitely not suggesting you try them all at once!

As with all marketing, the trick is to work out the one that you think might be most appropriate for your business on a small scale first. Then test with a small, test budget. Once you’ve established what works, it’s time to gradually roll it out on a larger scale.

Once your business has ramped up to take account of the extra sales you’re generating, we’d suggest you try adding another new marketing channel to add to your arsenal.  It’s the way all small businesses become bigger.

If you’re looking to increase your sales and are wondering about new distribution channels, why not contact us now?



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