Mobile Marketing

As more people use mobile phones or ipads to search on-line  it is increasingly important to ensure your products and services can being found on all mobile devices.

Mobile Marketing
Many people do not like unwanted texts and sales messages so it’s important to find methods of engaging with potential and actual customers that are acceptable.


One way of doing this is ensuring your website is mobile compatible. If you have premises that you would like customers to visit, offering a map can be helpful. So can providing a timely offer to tempt someone into your store while they are searching.

Another way of working with mobile is with an app. The benefits include alerting your subscribers to new offers or reasons to visit you, on line or in store.

And if you think your business is not suitable for an app – or you are concerned about being found in an immense market place, you might consider publishing a magazine in the on-line arena.

Digital Publishing under the apps banner is a new technique and if you get in fast, you’ll be one of the first.  We can show you how to get started. All you need to do is get in contact.


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