Landing Pages

A Landing Page is where you take your visitor when they’ve clicked on an on-line ad. It is, in effect, where they ‘land’ after clicking.



Your landing page is where you start to build a relationship with your potential customer.


It should be very specific to your ad and it’s role, generally, is lead generation.

The landing page is just one part of a digital marketing system. To be at its most effective, every landing page¬†should use the same language as the advertisement that your visitor clicked on. It should also give your potential customer more detailed information on the particular product or service you’ve advertised AND a reason to take a further action.

What we want to do at this stage of the communication with the customer is to provide something of value that will encourage them to let you talk to them further about how your products or services could help them.

If you bear in mind that customers decide whether to stay on a website within a couple of seconds – what the landing page does is to give them reason, not only to stay but to let you tell them more.

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