Direct Response

Have you ever wondered why we all still receive so much ‘junk mail’? At least 2 pieces hit my mat every single day and I’m sure you’re the same.

Direct Response Marketing
Of course, the reason companies spend money on it, is that direct mail works because it gets a direct response from the recipient.


What is also fascinating, is that direct mail is another way to drive potential customers (who might not otherwise find you) to your website or lead generation pages.

The biggest challenge is to ensure that every campaign does get responses and make you money – and this is largely decided in the level of preparation. Here are the steps we take to ensure every direct mail campaign impacts positively on revenue and profit:

Step 1

Only send direct mail to people who are likely to be interested in your product. Fortunately, this is not as difficult as you might think.  Mining your current customer base will provide clues as to how to find similar potential customers.

Step 2

Gain the attention of the recipient – generally this means a great headline that gets them thinking about the problem your product or service will solve.

Step 3

The next step is compelling copy that will  take your prospective buyer through your offer step by step.  Again, your experience of what your customers want from you and how they buy can guide the process.

Step 4

Once you’ve grabbed their attention, you’ll want to include a call to action and preferably with urgency – before the opportunity to act passes them by.

Step 5

Analyse the results. Measure the success. Hypothesise as to how the campaign could be improved and test until you know beyond all doubt that rolling it out will give you a great return on investment,

And Beyond…

Of course, as I’ve indicated about, the principles of direct response marketing apply to emails, landing pages and all the digital marketing techniques too.  In both, the trick is to start small, test and grow once you have a successful campaign.

Now you know the principles, why not contact us and let us develop your next successful direct mail sales campaign?


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