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This course normally sells for £97 – but because you received my invitation and then downloaded the report on 15 Ways to Get More Customers in 2016, you have shown that you have a real interest in doing something about growing your business.

I know, that as a small business owner, it is very hard to get good quality training at a reasonable price, so, for a limited period, I wanted to give you, as a business owner, the chance to buy my new SuperCharge Your Classified Advertising Course at a massive reduction so that you can actually make a difference in your business immediately.

SuperCharge Your (Classified) Advertising Video Course

It’s a set of 7 videos, packed with information on how to get the most out of your advertising – including how to get more customers to respond to your ads.  It takes many of the points made in the ’15 Ways..’ Report and provides a lot more information.  I hope you find it useful.

Training Module 1:  Introduction to the Classified Advertising System

 In this first video, I’ll give you an overview of the course, the reasons why it’s so important for your ad to stand out in the classifieds and who to advertise to first.

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Training Module 2:  How To Create A Great Headline

In this video, I’ll show you how to create your own headline based on what you do for your customers and how to get potential customers to respond.

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Training Module 3:  Telling Your Customers What To Do Next

In this video, we’ll cover why it’s so important to include a ‘Call To Action’ and how best to do that for your business.

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Training Module 4:  Why A Deadline Is So Important

In this video we cover why you should always include a deadline and some of the ways you might include one in a small space

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Training Module 5:  Why  Measurement Is Critical

Measuring results is a critical piece of advertising and can help you improve the response rates to your ad by phenomenal amounts. These are the things you need to know

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Training Module 6:  Get Better Response Rates By Testing

Constant testing can really help improve your response rates.  Here we show you the kind of improvements you could make and the difference they can make to your bottom line.

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Training Module 7:  Overview and Summary

In this final video, I’ll share key reminders from the rest of the course so you can start to implement the strategies from this SuperCharge Your Classified Advertising Course for yourself immediately

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Your SuperCharge Your Classifed Advertising Workbook and Handouts

Download your Workbook and other handouts below:

SuperCharge Your Advertising Workbook

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