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Digital Marketing Tool #3

Once you have a prospective customer’s email address, you have permission to email them. So it’s important that you make those first emails count.

Why is Email So Important?

You probably get loads of emails which you bin each day, as I do.  However, email still remains one of the most effective ways of increasing the profitability of an advertising campaign. I often tell my clients that it plugs the leaks in advertising campaigns. You can’t expect everyone who clicks on an ad or visits your site to buy immediately.  if you don’t have a method of catching some of those who leave without buying, you are wasting at least part of your advertising budget.

Plus,  I often open emails from people to whose lists I have subscribed.


Because they offer useful information on subjects in which I am interested.

I am not alone in this.  Thousands of emails get opened because they are interesting to the recipient.

Your job as an entrepreneur is to make your emails interesting enough to be opened on a regular basis.

What Should Be In Your First Email?

The first email you should send is a ’Thank You For Subscribing to the list’. It needn’t be those words exactly but the gist of the message is to thank them for coming on board.

The second is to ask if they found it useful and whether you can be of any further assistance.  The second email should offer more useful information and could also contain a link where they can sign up for more communications from you.

Do People Still Read Email?

The short answer is Yes They Do – as long as the information is relevant to them.

As you’re well aware, the number of emails people receive is increasing and the amount actually read is decreasing. So, to build a meaningful relationship with your prospective customer, your emails have to be firstly read and secondly relevant to your audience.

Some of the benefits of email are well known.  Emails are cheaper than print and give you the ability to segment your audience and so on. Others are not so well known.  For instance, did you know that the clever use of email marketing can help you analyse your customer base and segment them?

Using email in this way can help you determine what each group of customers are interested in and target them accordingly.

But Doesn’t Emailing People Takes Too Long?

It shouldn’t.  But you need to automate the process.

If you are planning to email your leads or customers, even just the odd one or two emails, I strongly recommend you invest in an email service provider.  If you google ‘autoresponder’ you’ll come up with a list of potential companies that will be able to automate your emails for you.

Not only that, using an autoresponder will ensure more of your emails arrive (and not in the Junk File) and will monitor how many are opened.  An autoresponder service will also make sure your emails remain within the law.

Tips for Getting Your Emails Read

Some of my tips for getting your emails read include:

  • Create and test different headlines.  Send the email to the bulk of your list with the headline that most people in the test opened.
  • Don’t include pictures or headers in your email that may be difficult to see or open.
  • Give them a taster of the email, stop at a cliffhanger and send them to your website to read the rest.
  • Use an autoresponder to send emails at times when they are most likely to be opened.
  • Use links to take the prospect back to your website and get them to sign up for something else that either they may want to buy or another area of your business that might be of interest to them.  That way you find out more about what people are actually interested in.
  • Include a Call To Action (CTA) in every email.  Before you send an email make sure you are clear about what you want the recipient to do when they’ve read it.  Make it clear and obvious how to do it.
  • Remember that people want rewarding information and will read something that offers them something of value.
  • Write as if you were speaking to just one customer. Nothing turns people off faster than messages that appear to be for a “catch all” audience.


  • Email is still a powerful marketing tool
  • Building and maintaining a relationship is part of nurturing your lead until they are ready to buy
  • Use an autoresponder to segment your market so you can talk to people about the things they have shown they’re interested in
  • Use a CTA in every email
  • If you need help in building an email list and choosing an autoresponder, I can recommend the one I use, if you want to contact me.



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