Monthly Archives: July 2014

‘British’ Sells

John Lewis has recently announced that it is launching a ‘Made in Britain’ campaign – actively looking for UK businesses that can supply it with goods.  According to the Daily Telegraph, in the past year ‘John Lewis’s UK supplier base has grown from 132 to 207 companies.

John Lewis is not alone. Sir Philip Green has said he will be giving more work to British businesses via Topshop., DFS and Hornby are also moving towards purchasing from Britain.

Ian Monk of is quoted as saying that lead times had reduced from six months to six weeks by moving production to the UK and that partnering with firms in the UK had made product development ‘a lot faster and a lot less painful’.

Consumers are also looking for British goods. Winemaker, Chapel Down Wines, who are based in Kent have found that idiosyncratic English wines are becoming more popular.  According to the Daily Telegraph’s Business Club, the company has gone from selling 25,000 bottles of wine at £5.99 (retail price) to 250,000 bottles at £18.99.

So with that in mind, it’s worth looking at your own business to see how this trend could be used in your own marketing.  If your product is made in Britain, can you tell people about it? Is there a story you could tell? Also think about who to say it to…

  • your customers
  • your distributors
  • your partners

and where to say it

  • on your product
  • on your website
  • in your advertising
  • on your brochures and other literature
  • on your stationery

Why not go with the trend? Have a think about how ‘Made in Britain’ might help you to tell your story and help you sell more.